Natural Remedies For Adult Acne

No one is immune from the effects of acne. It hits both young and old. Teenagers are the ones who deal with it most but adults share the problem. Before you head to the store, try a few natural remedies to combat your adult acne.
What is acne?
It’s more than just a condition that happens when you are about to go out on the big date or take photos. Acne comes from a disorder in the sweat glands of the skin. The pores get clogged and they become infected. There is nowhere for the bacteria to go so it forms into a pimple or blackhead on the surface of the skin, mostly the face.
Adults experience acne more often than is realized. And, unfortunately, the acne isn’t limited to the facial area. Acne breakouts can occur anywhere there is a pore (that houses a hair follicle). Getting rid of the acne pimples can leave lasting scars on the face, neck, back and even the arms.
What causes acne?
There is not a main cause of acne. There are several factors that can cause it to appear on your body. Some people are just the bearers of bad genes. More sensitive skin may be prone to acne breakouts. Other factors include:
• Eating the wrong foods
• Constipation
All of this information helps you solve the problem of adult acne. If you’ve seen the infomercials you know that acne sufferers have tried everything over-the-counter and beyond to rid themselves of the condition. Natural remedies for adult acne have the benefit of no preservatives or filler chemicals that can do more harm than good.
What are some of the natural remedies for acne?
You probably didn’t know that you had items around your kitchen that were acne treatments. Natural remedies are created from a variety of sources.
Green tea
Everyone knows that green tea is a weight loss booster but did you know that it can help with acne? Green tea contains antioxidants. They slow the aging process. There are also antibacterial properties to the tea which is what you will need it for.
Start with two or three green tea bags. Steep them in a cup or bowl of hot water. Create a poultice with the tea bags by placing them on the acne areas directly. For an added green tea treatment, use the green tea water as a facial rinse morning and night.
Fruit remedies
People have known for years that fruits are not only good for you but good to you. They are nature’s bounty for a healthy life. Oranges are a popular remedy for adult acne. After you eat the fruit, crush the orange peel and add water. The orange peel paste is applied to your acne to work as an astringent, pulling the impurities from your skin.
A poultice can be created from fruit leaves as well. Boil the leaves of fruits like blackberries and strawberries and apply to the acne.
Tomatoes are not just for clearing the air after a skunk spray. Crush fresh tomatoes into a paste and use as a facial mask.
Honey is like nectar from the gods. It has antibacterial properties to help alleviate acne symptoms. Simply mix it with a bit of cinnamon and wear as an overnight mask.
Acne is a skin disorder that plagues adults as well as teens. Seek natural remedies from around your kitchen to clear up the condition.

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