What Is Acne? Why Am I Affected?

Acne is a result of the over activity of the sebaceous glands which are the oil producing glands of our body. This over activity results in excess oil production which together with hair follicles and germs create a suitable environment for the acne breakout to take shelter. Acne can appear in various forms like whiteheads , blackheads, pustules and cysts. It can appear virtually anywhere- on your cheeks, nose, back, chest and, in some cases, over the whole body as well.

It is a chronic skin disorder which has troubled around 80% of the people around the world. The small kids- as young as infants, the adults and the old people- all could be attacked with acne. It seems quite amazing as how can an ailment attack so many people- of different ages and races.

What is the exact cause of acne is not known as yet. Still, we have some substantial explanation for the emergence of acne.

Puberty is identified as the main cause of acne breakout. During puberty, tremendous changes to the hormones bring in, which affects the production of sebum in your body. And together with hair follicles and bacteria, they create the requisite shelter for the occurrence of acne. Our bodies are natural shelter to this acne producing bacteria. But only when the growth of these bacteria multiplies and other acne inducing factors home in, we get acne attack.

Genetics are also found related to acne. That is, if your father or mother had this problem in the past you have very good chances of its meeting with it in your life phases like puberty or pregnancy.

Next identified cause of acne is stress. Stress indeed is an additive factor. Your pimple condition can get worse if you also suffer from stress, depression or anxiety.

As exact cause of acne is not known, many myths have taken a natural shelter. Acne is not caused by junk food, chocolates, chips pizza or soda. However you should not indulge in too much of these foods as they may disrupt your digestion process which may induce acne causing factors in you.

Many of us believe that acne condition is associated with teens only. But this is not true. Age is not a defining trait to get or not to get acne. As you see a pimple popping up on your skin, you should strictly take a restrictive step to mollify the attack. Benozyl peroxide is one of the main ingredients to fight acne.

Some people would say acne is a normal part of growing up in a child. This is a false belief and such myths are real culprits for increasing army of acne among the kids. Apart from taking help from your dermatologist, you should also adopt some good habits to cure acne.

To keep acne away, learn to stay clean and healthy. Keep your surroundings and yourself very clean. Wash your face with a mild face wash or soap 2 to 3 times a day.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots and lots of water.

You should avoid squeezing or pricking a pimple as it can lead to infection which may worsen your condition.

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