Acne Prone Skincare Routine – part 2

Thanks youtube for finally uploading my video!!! For those who have Acne Prone Skin and Oily Skin. I have been trying medicaments and products since I’m 13 yo and that’s what I’ve got after 10 years “research”…. I’ve already tried other treatments too like chemical peelings, dermabrasion, and Laser treatments, but none of them is really effective if the cause of your problems still comes again after 6 months, especially if you are yet in your “teens”. My skin is totally oily, large pores and I do have hormonal problems combined with pigmentation problems too. Severe acne can never be cured or healed, but controlled in long term, and it demands DISCIPLINE. I’m about to try new treatments (now that my hormonal levels are quieter…) and re-do old ones… But the routine is forever :D Be patient and give it a try. If you have your face all covered by acnes and blackheads, or are having one looking something serious, don’t think twice, go to a doctor (GP, physician, whatever) ASAP. Products I use: (£ – up to 10£ / ££- 10-20£ / £££- more than 20 – SAStid Salicylic Acid + Sulfur Soap (in Bar) £ (I recommend as well: Ducray Keracnyl Foaming Gel ££ ) -Skin Doctors Retanew – Control Release Retinol ££ (I also recommend : RoC Retin-OX night £££) – Ducray Keracnyl Cleansing Purifying Water ££ – PanOxyl Aquagel 10 – Benzoyl Peroxide 10% £ – Clariderm Gel – Hidroquinone 2% ££ (I also recommend: Clinique Even Better Skin tone Corrector £££)

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