Sphynx Skin Conditions

Article by Sphynxlair

Contact Dermatitis: Signs and symptoms include red-colored, scratchy bumps and inflamed skin where your Sphynx cat had made connection with a chemical or some different of irritant. It is also triggered by rubber or plastic food bowels or dishes. The easiest method to prevent contact dermatitis would be to keep Sphynx from places that chemicals are used and also to feed your Sphynx with glass, stainless, or lead-free ceramic bowels or dishes.

Feline Acne: Common within the Sphynx breed where they form comedones (also called pimples) around the bottom from the face and edges from the lips. These signs and symptoms might be connected with plastic or rubber food dishes or bowels. It’s quite common within the Sphynx breed due to their oily skin too. Some Sphynx proprietors used Stridex pads to deal with their Sphynx or small amounts of benzoyl peroxide. Please visit a veterinarian and obtain their suggestions about this before hands.

Stud Tail: This really is triggered by glands close to the tail that excrete

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