Stridex Medicated Pads Simple Pimple Control Commercial (1996)

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I lately designed a new taser from the disposable camera, utilizing a Stridex (face cleaning pads) container because the body. I went the blinking yellow Brought in the circuit board, the 2 leads in the capacitor towards the screws, along with a charging rotator chargswitch all towards the lf the container. Once the switch is switched, the capacitor charges as much as the 2 screws and it is fully billed once the yellow indicator Brought begins blinking. 330 volts does not feel too good when positioned on human flesh! Things are connected to the lid as proven within the video to create the constituents and AA battery easily accessable. We do hope you enjoy it! PS : As asked for by another user, I will start making “How You CanInch videos to exhibit steps to make my tasers. Stay published. Merry Christmas! Schrader1234

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