A List Of Remedies To Deal With Acne





Acne is a problem that can plague all people, However the mentioned factors certainly act as important determinants in picking up the best treatment for acne scars. The best treatment for acne scars depends upon various factors like the affordability to select an expensive solution, the skin type to go in for a specific medication, and the severity of the problem.


The Basic Level If the issue has just started and is restricted to the basic level where acne is more or less a result of poor hygiene or hormonal changes as in teens, the best treatment for such acne scars to pick from among the various medications available in the market or trying out some home remedies like applying honey and lemon juice, drink gallons of water, wash the spots gently at least 4-5 times a day, and maintain a good healthy diet. The best treatment for acne scars can thus be summed up in taking extensive care of your skin.


The Worsened Stages If, however, acne-related problems are quite advanced and have been adversely affecting you for quite some time, seeking dermatologist advice would then be the best treatment to deal with acne scars. Among some of the more comprehensive ways to deal with acne, dermabrasion can be opted for. Though quite expensive, the mentioned technique is good at its job. Laser treatment is also among the best treatments for acne scars; is is even more expensive.


There is no one best treatment of acne scars for all, and whatever you opt for must be in consonance with your skin type and the care needed and, if possible, get a professionals advice.














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