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Best brand of turtle pellet?What do you guys recommend? :D my turtle doesn’t guzzle the pellets, I give him dinnertime worms, crickets, scrambled eggs, carrots, lettuce, other veggies and catfood sometimes. Get some of the powder vitamins, or flakes and mix with the food, I hold some called Vitolife Source(s): whoever gave me…Best brand of tv to by surrounded by a 42-50 inch peak field?I’m trying to stay under $950 dollars and would like no smaller quantity than a 42 inch screen let me know what brands are righteous and which one to stay away from! Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG, and Toshiba are all your friends…Best brand of TV??Can anyone tell me what the best brand/make of a good LCD or Plasma TV is?? Sony? Samsung? Phillips? I’m looking for at most minuscule a 42 inch. Thanks!! At around 42, your very best buy, dollar for dollar, for both performance and reliability is a…Best Brand of Vitamins to engineer Hair Grow Faster?Which brand of vitamins are the best to make hair grow longer, faster? Look up on the internet about the vitamins, but I will tell you that the shampoo Mane & Tail make your hair grow mad hastily. Its for horses but also for humans. LOL…Best brand of women’s jeans for below $40?I like them either low rise or ultra low rise, boot cut. I can`t bear stretch jeans. What are the best jeans for under $40? in my opinion, the best jeans are from antiquated navy. they are not too cheap and are under 40 dollars and end…Best brand of womens thong for men?this one looks nice to me…. in black? some others like this is what im looking for The Secret Treasures from Walmart are very comfortable. I Love Victoria’s Secret! They are great when you can catch them on Dutch auction. Just make sure not…Best brand pregnancy pillow? HELP:)?I’m 6th months pregnant and thinking of getting a pregnancy pillow for myself but there are SO MANY different brands… which is the best? Honestly, I just bought a regular old body pillow from Target ($10) and stack regular pillows around me every night- I similar to to customize… My…Best brand professional video camera?I’m thinking of investing in a professional video camera, what would you suggest is the best brand? Under a $1000… :) For professional video cameras, I agree, bhphotovideo is a good, reputable source – but, my definition of a professional video camera is one near large lenses, imaging chips and with…Best brand regulator for legitimate natural breathing…?I want to know if there is a big difference in talent between brands. Is it really down to preference as I seem to sway towards Scubapro. I’m looking to buy a regulator that is to say very easy to breath near as I’m one of those…Best brand saloon company?I am 15 going on 16. My dad says I can get a used sports car (somewhere between an 00-05.) I was wondering what was the best saloon company at that time. I am looking for a small car that gets something like 35 mpg. Please help. Specific year and models would…Best Brand snowboard jibs?I have flow bindings and DC boots. I would like to grasp a new board sick of my burton. Im 5’6 140 pounds. i think i want a 150 cm board beside lots of control and pop. Im looking for a board thats great for jibs. Thinking of Rome, K2, Forum,…Best brand soft surfboard?which brand of soft surfboard is the best? im looking for a 7 footer than floats teh best and can catch the most waves. i hear INT is good but anything better? im new to surfing INT Surfboards are the best and the most expensive. The Surfboard Man …Best brand subwoofers?what is the top brand subwoofers, name more then one!! i have a kicker, it was good but in a minute im getting a 12 inch and want a good brand JL, MTX, Rockford, then Bostin aukustic, and Kicker My penchant all around brand for value/performance is the Infinity Kappa series. If…Best brand take home up for cakey makeup?I need to look skanky and cakey for a themed club night What are the best brands cakey makeup (brands you can buy within Australia) and what type? Powder? Liquid? I was thinking that australis thick stick of makeup I’m not sure what it’s call Please don’t say…Best brand tampon !!?im just started my period i am 12 what is the best tampon brand to use tampax pearl Playtex gentle glide! my sister is twelve and we started her sour on those because its a plastic applicator and opens around instead of just side to side. its like mad more comfortable…Best brand Tennis Rackets?Which is best: Head, Wilson, Prince. Is Slazenger a good brand? PRINCE! Head and Wilson are good level brands for rackets. I know Slazanger is making balls not racket. Beware: invest wisely on top brands that have be in market for a long time because they know what they are producing….Best brand term for youth baseball gear?Im getting my 14yr old son some baseball pants and other gear and what are the better brand nickname clothing items? i think anything you can get at your local sports store is fine for that age. he’ll grow out of them soon. you really are better…Best brand to buy volleyball products from?whats a really good quality brand that i can win spandex shorts and kneepads that are very durable and will last a long time from? im going to sports chalet =] any tip of what sympathetic of kneepads to buy? like what kind of shape, lagging? pictures,…Best brand to capture rid of spots?I have used Nivea Visage Young, Neutrogena, Clearasil, Boots tea tree oil and witch hazel, verbs and clear, St Ives and simple! None of the things I have used seem to clear my spots, which I hold had for years. Could you suggest maybe which is the better…Best brand to provide makeup from?I’ve been thinking about becoming an independent sale rep to sell cosmetics and etc. I wanted to know which company (Mark, Avon, Mary Kay, etc) is the best. Let me know if you’ve sold for these companies and more info (like start-up fees, how much to trade to make profit,…Best brand tools for leathercraft leather punch?I was looking into buying a leather punch and I would like to know which brand is the best for a leather punch or contained by leathercraft in general. There doesn’t come across to be much information on the subject online. What is the best brand and which…Best Brand within Generators?What is the best quality Brand in gas generator and what wattage is recommended for freezer, refrigerator,microwave for about 3-6 hours Trusted brands would be Yamaha, Kohler, Black and Decker, Onan and Coleman. But they’re all pretty appropriate these days. What you need to do, however, is to look at…Best brand(name)/type of tarot reading cards?What is the best type of tarot reading cards that are accurate and easy to understand, Ive have some where I had no view the meaning of the words, I want just plain english. DEVIL brand … wonderful There is not any ‘best’ deck. The most common is the…Best Brand….?Hey everybody…what is the best brand of acne facewash stuff that you can buy at drugstores…i have a small amount of acne on my chin that i would like to clear up so if you can comfort me that’d be awesome! thanks! i used all those products out there similar to pro active…

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