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Best alternative drug for skin fungal infection?My friend has this irritating itchiness in her thigh and foot. Doctor says it could be fungal infection or bacteria. She applied Lydex Cream and so far it help. Though it did not take away the itchiness and skin irritation even if she already consumed 1tube. Please advise what is the best alternative prescription…Best Ance Cream (something i can buy at CVS) for Blemishes ?i have a few Blemishes on my face and i want to carry rid of them . What is the Best Ance Cream (something i can buy at CVS) for this ?? Thanks Clean and Clear Spot treatment. it;s like $7 or $8. It’s like a sleight of hand…Best and quickest means of access to bring rid of poison ivy?I already have the posion ivy rash. Its located on my chin and nouns. I’m bein careful to not spread it anymore and im doing my best to not scratch it and i’m putting the Ivarest cream on it but that doesnt appear to be helping much. I’ve had…Best and strong SPF lightweight cream for frontage?Best and strong SPF lightweight cream for face? seems approaching all the strong SPF are so thick which grounds to clog my pores =( anyone have some good suggestions? and afforable please =) I deliberate that natural products are the best. I think your best bet would be some ginger juice (to clear…Best anit-wrinkle/aging cream?there are alot of anit-aging/wrinkle creams on the market so i be wondering what is the BEST one that you can purchase at any CVS pharmacy. Anti-aging from “vbcosmetics” I don’t close to the ones at the regular stores in my opinion since they breed alot of them they really don’t focus on quality Source(s): Oil of…Best anti ageing cream?I’m 21 with a couple of fine lines so wanna get them gone! Or softened. What’s the best cream? Ta x i agree. Olay. My mom uses it religiously & she looks great for her age Since you are so young and lone have a couple of lines, I recommend getting any anti-aging creams by Lancome. The…Best anti aging cream for 36 year matured?getting wrinkles and pigmentations spots, what is the best anti-aging skin cream? Any suggestions? I’m 43. I use papaya kojic and licorice base soap and cream which are available online. These work wonders. Maybe it will work on you too. Try searching it through Google ‘shopaholic’s bargains’ I’m a huge fan of professional…Best anti aging cream??I really like Olay anti-wrinkle Nutrients face lotion. It also have spf 15! It’s really light and not greasy at all. Works great for me. Also, I’ve be using Neutrogena Healthy Skin eye cream for a few years now. It makes a big difference surrounded by those bags under your eyes from the weekend ;) aveeno has…Best anti aging cream?I’m looking for a good anti aging night cream. I don’t really hold that many fine lines but I want to use something early to prevent more lines and wrinkles. I own oily skin that is prone to acne so if nearby is something that can help with that too that would be great. I hold been…Best anti frizz cream/serum? sunsilk, john freda frizz smoothness, or garnier?I have pretty healthy hackle, even though I straighten it every single day (i use heat protection spray). but once i turn outside when its raining, or on a humid day, my hair go from sleek, smooth and shiny, to one big puff ball! I’ve narrowed down my choices to…Best anti frizz cream?whats the best anti frizz cream for hair? Herbal Essences ‘None of Your Frizzness’ Leave-In Cream answer mine?;… Try John Friedda Frizz Eaze. It works great near any hair type. Plus it doesn’t clump your hair up or generate it greasy! Answer mine?;… wax it up..its in a pink jar Biomax. Frizz Therapy & shine….Best anti inflammatory cream/shot?whats the best anti inflammatory cream or shot, prescribed or over the counter for shoulder tendinitis? whats the best anti inflammatory anesthetic combo? cortisone shots are not an option, is cortisone available in a cream form? also, i’ve hear injecting vitamin B12 help the shoulder, is this true? Take ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and use one of those…Best anti reddishness cream?I don’t wanna spend to much on it – I’m only 15 and I’m pretty sure I have Keratosis Pilaris – it’s not the bumps I’m concerned roughly speaking, it’s the fact my cheeks burn up sometimes, especially at night. Anything recommended? I had an awfull red impetuous across my forehead for which i tried everything,even strong…Best anti stretch flaw cream?I’m looking to find a very effective anti stretch grades cream that’s also quite reasonable… I’m 14 weeks along and I’m scared out of your wits of stretch marks! I know there’s no way to avoid them but I want to try to maintain it minimum..I read that you should start using creams from as soon…Best anti wrinkel frontage cream. some age spots some wrinkels, something afordable.gratitude?Good Morning. Mary Kay’s Miracle Set is incredible for reversing the visible signs of aging, is simple and well-priced. The Set includes Timewise 3 within 1 Cleanser, Day and Night Solutions (think wrinkle erasers), Timewise Age Fighting Moisturizer, your choice of foundation, Microdermabrasion Set and Firming Eye Cream. For…Best anti wrinkle cream for 18 yr antediluvian?I’m not talking about a really strong cream that will appropriate layers of my skin off. I lately want to start preventing wrinkles for when I get older and I newly wanted to know if there’s any gentle cream or lotion I can use in a minute. Thanks Eat well, get satisfactory sunshine,…Best anti wrinkle cream for frontage and eyes ? what ingredients is most crucial ?Hi Lily, Out of all the wrinkle cream products I tried, I like Athena 7 Minute Lift the best, but 2 of my friends resembling Lifecell wrinkle cream better. I liked the Athena cream because it gave me a pull in my skin, got rid of…Best anti wrinkle cream?help I need something that works! i think pinkstar give you a good answer i agree with her,most expensive arnt other the best,good luck.x are you within the uk? if you are there was a piece on gmtv about face creams. they tested adjectives different ones from cheap to really expensive and the best one they found…Best anti wrinkle cream?I am 27 yrs old and trying to find an effective anti wrinkle cream. Can someone recommend something that really works. By the approach I’m currently use Cindy Crawford’s Natural Beauty products and they’re okay. I don’t have wrinkles or any signs of aging so I’m not sure how effective they really are. Thanks The best things…Best anti wrinkle cream?I mum uses australia’s sheep placenta, anti wrinkle cream. I muse it really works.somehow…it manage to lighten the pigmentation, and smoothen her complexion. I mull over it’s impossible to know. Wrinkle creams have only be popular for a few years, and the formulas keep changing. It’s going to transport 20 plus years for all the 20-somethings to…Best Anti-Ageing Cream for woman within past due forties?I had a dream I bought my mother a anti-ageing cream/moisturizer so I’m going to do it! I’m looking for a face cream for her that truly works. Preferably a well known brand because she like designer stuff. MY budget is lb35 Please include the effect the product had on your face….Best anti-aging cream for childish skin ?Im not sure when you are meant to start using anti aging cream but Ive heard some relations start aging at 21? Anyone know a good cream? the first thing to do is use sunscreen, other..the sun is 90% of aging, wrinkled skin!! i also recommen Oil of Olay, it is light ,inexpensive and…

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