Everything you Must Know About Acne Treatment

Acne is a difficult condition to treat, but there are some medications that are available to treat the acne effectively and completely. Some medications are easily available over the counter and off the shelf, and others are available through prescription. There are many branded medicines which use different formulas of acne treatment medicines in different forms.

Products like l, Daniel Kern’s Regimen Gel, Neutrogena On-the-Spot, Clearasil, Oxy-10, Fostex, Clear by Design, Persa-Gel are all Benzoyl peroxide based and some others are salicylic acid based , while others are sulfur based and so on. There are many variations available within the products also, which vary according to the type of skin and hair you have. Some skin types can take heavy chemical applications on their skin, while other skin types may be very sensitive. There are some skin types which can take moderate amounts of chemicals on their skin. All these factors are taken into consideration while making an acne treatment cream.

Since all these acne treatment creams are matched according to individual preferences and skin types, the person suffering from acne should first determine the best cream which he or she can use for their acne. If they are unable to determine then they should consult their doctor and get a suggestion of what suits them the best. But in some cases the cause of acne may be biological and related to the internal system and these types are usually treated by prescription medicines. Sometimes even antibiotics are used if it is a bacterial infection for example.

Determining the cause of acne is very important before starting to treat it. If the root cause of acne is not just a blockage in the hair follicle, and something like an internal infection is apparent, then extra care has to be taken to treat the condition. An external application cream which is available off the shelf may not be useful in such cases. A physician approved medication and prescription may be much more helpful and also gives faster relief to the acne sufferer.

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