How to Remove Blackheads? – Helpful Tips

Acne is a skin affliction that can strike anybody at any time regardless of age or race. Having a face full of unsightly pimples is definitely a thing that a teenager can do without; and if the pimples are accompanied by blackheads, you are going to find that particular inflamed state of your skin even more distressing.
That is the reason why one has to look for different methods that show how to remove blackheads safely and effectively without leaving behind unpleasant scars and marks.
Many people are under the impression that regular rubbing of your skin many times a day with a cleanser can remove blackheads. They could not be more false. Not only is the skin going to get more sensitive, but also your skin is going to suffer from swellings and possible infections. So you have to be very careful when you set about removing blackheads from the skin.
Just imagine blackheads to be a side effect of acne. Do you squeeze pimples? Of course you do not; that same rule applies to blackheads. They are extremely stubborn, so do not squeeze them. Trying to pop them out is only going to aggravate the problem.
To remove blackheads effectively you need a hot clean washcloth. Wash the affected area very carefully with an antiseptic cleanser, one that consists of salicylic acid is best. This is going to keep the skin moist. Put that hot washcloth on your face for around 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure that the temperature of the washcloth is bearable.
This is going to loosen the hold of the blackheads in your skin, without causing any further damage to it. These blackheads can easily be removed after the hot washcloth treatment has been done, by just washing the affected area again with the cleanser and a clean tissue.
Another option is to try dabbing the affected areas with castor oil before you go to sleep. This is going to soften the skin in such a manner that it is very easy to remove the blackheads the next morning by washing the face with lukewarm water. This procedure has to be continued for 7 nights. You will be surprised to see how every ugly blackhead has been removed from your skin without any side effects like open pores, infections or scars left behind.
Blackheads can also be removed by applying glycerin into your face, before you go to sleep. The glycerin softens the skin so effectively that you can remove the blackheads the next morning by pressing them out softly, with a tissue.
Neutrogena puts out a very good soap that keeps the pores of your skin unclogged. It helps in the removal of excess oil that cause blackheads and acne, and should be used 3 times a day for the best results.
Instead of worrying about how to remove blackheads, you may want to try and prevent them from occurring. Drink plenty of water and not eating fried foods is one good way of stopping blackheads and pimples from making an appearance on your face and body.

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