Who Gets Acne and Who Doesn’t?

Acne and pimples is one of a teenagers worst nightmares, affecting more than 85% of the teenage population. Acne can be disfiguring, but its main effects are psychological which leads to low self-esteem.What is acne? Acne is the result of hair follicles and pores that become clogged. The most common form of acne is known as acne vulgaris. This does not mean vulgar, it just means common acne. Many teenagers get this type of acne. The most common area affected is the face followed by the back, shoulders and chest.Why do some people get acne and some do not? Although, much research and studies have been conducted in this field, no one knows for sure why one person gets acne and another person doesn’t. There are several factors that are associated with developing acne.

I’m Dr. Herb Feinberg.  I’m a board-certified dermatologist, and I specialize in treating acne.Because many of my patients have tried Proactiv-type products with little to no improvement, I’ve developed an acne program that works for everyone.  If you have mild, moderate or severe acne, you can choose your treatment from 3 levels of products that are similar to prescription medications.Find the TREATMENT LEVEL you need, order at no risk and you’ll become my virtual patient.  I’ll be available via e-mail to answer any question about your condition or treatment.

There are hundreds of OTC acne products and programs out there, but few, if any, try to really treat serious acne. The Proactivs’, Murads’ and Neutrogena’s are geared to offend the least number of people without really reaching out to offer people serious anti-acne ingredients.

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