Proactiv Solution Acne Treatment System: a Closer Look

The Proactiv Solution acne control products are pimple-pounding pros.This system comes complete with everything necessary to wipe out embarrassing blemishes and restore confidence in social situations.

The stock system is a 3-step procedure that is applied twice daily to alleviate acne problems. Application is simple and quick. Three products work together to restore your skin to a natural, radiant glow.

The first to be applied is called the Renewing Cleanser. It serves a powerful dose of prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide combined with tiny grains of milled apricot seeds. The grains exfoliate the skin and expose clogged pore openings. The benzoyl peroxide then deeply penetrates the pores to kill the bacteria growth at its source.

The next step of the system is called the Revitalizing Toner. This further removes dead skin cells and impurities and it also removes excess oil in the skin, leaving behind a re-energized healthy feel and glow.

The Repairing Lotion finishes the procedure by delivering a second powerful dose of benzoyl peroxide. It is light and oil-free. It attacks blemishes at their source, killing zits like a blemish gladiator! This leaves the skin radiantly new, feeling and looking simply glowing.

With all of the impurities and dead skin cells removed, only your own beautifully new skin is left. This skin is fragile and therefore needs protection if you are going to encounter direct sunlight.

Proactiv has you covered here too. The Oil-Free Moisture w/SPF 15 product from Proactiv is a sunscreen designed for acne-prone skin. It will not clog pores and is light and luxurious. Your new, blemish-free skin will be protected and beautiful.

Regardless of your personal battles with acne, Proactiv Solutionproducts are sure to satisfy.

They are the world’s leader in acne treatment because they work.

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