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Low Level Cold Laser 635nm for Acupuncture Stimulation

Published on December 18, 2011 By admin

Low Level Cold Laser 635nm for Acupuncture Stimulation Best laser product for acupuncture stimulation Painless, but effective – Great for anyone who is afraid of needle treatment Harmless – The laser energy penetrating the skin is 5 mw. It does not cause any tissue damage, as no heat is generated with the cold laser application. [...]

Curing Acne With An Effective Acne Laser Treatment

Published on October 11, 2011 By admin

Skin of Color treated by Aerolase LightPod Neo 1064nm Laser

Published on October 1, 2011 By admin

Aerolase LightPod Neo Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser Featured on NBC, aerolase, FriendlyLight, Friendly Light, medical lasers, cosmetic lasers, acne treatment, hair removal, tattoo removal, scar removal, scar reduction, scar treatment, rosacea, spider veins, laser surgery, cosmetic laser therapy,…

Isolaz Laser Acne NYC – (212)-644-9494 – NYC Isolaz Laser Acne

Published on July 19, 2011 By admin

dermatologistsnyc.com (212)-644-9494 Acne: Isolaz Laser for Acne NYC Acne Treatment Center Isolaz™ Acne Therapy With Pore-Purification If you’re frustrated with acne and wish you had clear, radiant skin – you’re not alone. In fact, over 60 million Americans suffer from acne and unfortunately, many have had difficulty finding a treatment that works. You may have [...]

Video Diary for CO2 Fractional Laser for acne scarring (Day of Procedure)

Published on June 12, 2011 By admin

Speaking about my experience with the CO2 fractional laser procedure that I had earlier that day.

Acne Home Remedy Scar Treatment or Acne Laser Surgery

Published on March 15, 2011 By admin
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